Women’s Writing Deserves More Attention and Accolades

In the UK, our university programmes in English literature are 80% female, our publishing industry is made up mostly of women, women buy more books than men and they are more likely to be avid readers than men. But, books by men receive more reviews, more awards and they are considered more ‘literary’. We don’t think this is fair so we’re working to change that.

We think the online world is the key to changing this perception of women’s writing. This is why we offer courses in blogging and online marketing. Expanding the presence of women writers online helps every one of us find more readers and raise the profile of women’s writing more generally. We’ve just launched a unique Women Writers Network where we guide those who are new to marketing with clear, weekly actions. We also offer a Women Writers Lecture series teaches the craft and business of writing.

We’d Love to See More Women Writers Blogging

Start Blogging Like a Feminist

We think blogging is a fantastic genre for women writers and we want to see more women taking their writing forward with blogging. That’s why we’ve created this free guide and workbook Start Blogging Like a Feminist. Download it now to get started on your own feminist blog.