#women_writers Chat Highlights: Writing About Women Writers with Lesley McDowell

Our September chat on Writing About Women Writers was one of our best yet. I thought it was the perfect combination of fun, interesting recommendations and a feminist look at the issues involved in writing biographies and histories of women writers. Lesley McDowell, author of Between the Sheets: The Literary Liaisons of Nine 20th Century Women Writers, was the perfect guest host. Check out how perfectly she captures the politics of writing women’s biographies in two of her most popular tweets:

And here’s more of the same inspiring stuff here in two more of her most popular tweets:

As always, I’ve taken a laundry list of highlights from the chat and collected them here too. Scroll through and find some wonderful recommendations as well as more inspiration to go out there and get writing about all the amazing women writers who don’t get enough recognition for their work.