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Learning how to do your own author marketing doesn’t have to be a massive uphill battle that takes weeks, months or years to figure out.

But for many it is. These are the reasons why:

1. Writing and marketing your own books is like taking on all the work of a publishing house single handedly, but many of us have to do this or the marketing simply won’t happen. This work was never meant to be done by one person all by herself. The usual result is large amounts of time spent sitting and staring at a computer screen, wondering how to actually make things happen.

2. There is a drastic lack of clarity about what you should be doing to promote your books and how it should be done. There is a very big difference between using social media for fun and using it like a professional digital marketer, a role it takes years to learn. This is why it all seems so complex and time-consuming to figure out.

The Women Writers Network guides you through an ongoing series of marketing tasks in a community where everyone supports each other.

You can walk up (virtually) and start raising your online profile without having any previous knowledge of marketing. There are no half-explained ideas or generic suggestions that in reality have you googling for hours when you should be making things happen right now.

The actions we give you are simple, clear and specifically chosen to meet the needs of author marketers. We know they work because real people just like you are getting results from them right now.

What Current Clients Say

‘When I came across Women Writers School, I had published the book I had been working on for two and a half years, but had absolutely no idea how to go about promoting it. Thanks to Laurie’s marketing advice, I now have a better website, a blog with more followers, lots of activity on Twitter, and even more valuable to me, an amazing network of women writers to share the ups and downs with’.

Sandy Bennett-Haber, Editor of You Won’t Remember This

The Women Writers Network According to Laurie Garrison

A Feminist Shortcut to Making Your Author Marketing Happen

This isn’t a long course with lots of reading and subsequent overwhelm. The Women Writers Network is made up of people just like you taking bite sized actions I post to you every week: practical things you can do from where you are to start to see progress step by step.

Plus you aren’t doing it alone.

Imagine the progress you could make if you just took one action per week that you knew was working for writers just like you right now. Imagine how much it helps not only with finding readers, followers and fans, but also with your own morale to have a group of other writers helping you along the way.

The Women Writers Network is not only about helping you find new readers; it’s also about raising the profile of women’s writing more generally. Every time you tweet, share or like a post about women’s writing, you’re contributing to this feminist project.

Let’s Start Working Together to Make Your Author Marketing Happen

After the first month, the subscription fee is £10 per month with no minimum period.

Our Founder Members Want to Support Women Writers Just Like You

In the Women Writers Network, you’ll get to meet lots of other writers, including Our Founder Members, who are writers of all stages of writing experience and all stages of marketing experience. They are writers of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, lifewriting and flash fiction.

Some have published traditionally with publishers like Faber, Seren and Virago. Others are well-known self-published writers of literary fiction. Two of our Founder Members have crowdfunded their fiction with Unbound.

Some of our Founder Members run their own presses, such as Linen Press and Orenda Books, and others work with writers to help them self-publish or achieve their marketing goals.

What unites our Founder Members is an interest in and dedication to supporting other women writers.

Here’s What a Facebook Chat with Our Founder Members Looks Like

Bonus: Full Access to All Events in the Women Writers Lecture Series

There are some amazing people, projects, services and publications working to support women writers out there in the online and actual worlds. The Women Writers Lecture Series brings you virtual talks, workshops and readings by some of the best of them.

When you join the Women Writers Network, you have free access to all of these events as well as audio or video recordings of them. We host 6 to 8 virtual events per year.

Our Next Three Events

Here’s What Our Virtual Sessions Look Like

Join Now and We’ll Make Your Author Marketing Happen Together

After the first month, the subscription fee is £10 per month with no minimum period.


How do I know what each week’s action is?

The network is based in a Facebook group, so each week we’ll pin a post explaining that week’s marketing task to the top of the group.

What if I’m not very active on social media?

No problem! This is your chance to learn in a supportive environment. Lots of members are new to author marketing and just getting started with their social media presence. Also, if you can use typical office software like Word, you’ll have no problem expanding your use of social media. It’s meant to be easy.

What if I haven’t published yet?

Lots of members haven’t published yet. It’s a good idea to start building your online presence as you start looking for publishing opportunities. A lot of publishers see this as helpful and some see it as necessary. If you’re crowdfunding or self-publishing, you need to have a very strong online presence.

How do I attend the Women Writers Lecture Series?

The lecture series events take place in a virtual meeting room that’s a lot like Skype. All you need to attend is a good internet connection. We provide full instructions for using the virtual meeting room.

What if I can’t make it to a session?

We record all sessions and you will have access to these recordings as part of your membership.

Do I have to be a woman to join the Women Writers Network?

No, all genders are welcome. We are a feminist community, not a women-only community.