Kickstart Your Blog

Most Blogs Start with a Bang . . . and End in Silence

Most successful bloggers leave a trail of unsuccessful blogs behind them. They start a blog without having done any research—or start several blogs—that they don’t promote and that they soon get tired of because they don’t succeed in generating an active readership.

Starting a blog should not require long hours alone in front of a computer trying to figure out what technology to use and how to use it. In fact, the solutions to most beginner bloggers’ problems are very simple and easy to implement—if you have experience of the online world.

If you go it alone, it can take years to figure out how to bring people to the site who are really interested in what you have to say. But it doesn’t have to. None of us want to wait years to see success with our writing, especially if your blogging contributes to your publication or promotional goals.

Kickstart Your Blog Offers Clarity and Community

Kickstart your blog simplifies and streamlines the process of starting a blog and developing an audience—for writers. There’s no ultra complex material or obscure software to learn. Everything has been honed down to meet the needs of people who love to write and have no need to become technology experts.

And, while you’re working through the steps outlined in this course, you won’t be left on your own with no one to ask questions of. There’s plenty of interaction with Laurie as well as a community of fellow bloggers to bounce ideas off. In fact, the people you meet on the course will likely be your first readers.

What the Students Say

‘Before joining the course, I considered setting up a blog but I had many questions about where I should host it, web site layout, and so forth. There seemed to be so much to learn I didn’t know where to start. Laurie’s course showed me what really goes into creating and maintaining a successful blog—it’s really not that complicated or time consuming. I also met other writers and now I’m part of a community where we talk about writing and share each others’ work. I’m so glad that Laurie took the guesswork away.’

Rita Gould, US-based Freelance Editor and Creative Writer

Here’s How We Kickstart Your Blog

  • Help with brainstorming content for your blog
  • Tips and tricks to make sure your blog is appealing to readers
  • Suggestions for promoting your blog to readers likely to be interested
  • Examples of successful blogs with explanation of what they’re doing right
  • Recordings of teaching sessions so you won’t miss out
  • Written versions of teaching sessions to back up live workshops
  • 3 virtual workshops including one specifically about writing blog posts
  • Q & A sessions where you can get personalized feedback
  • Membership in a community of people who want to support women writers

Laurie Garrison, Founder and Director of Women Writers School

‘I’ve created this course because I’ve seen far too many blogs by women writers that aren’t getting any traffic and that could reach their target audience if only they were informed by some digital marketing know-how. As a writer myself, I get how writers think and I know exactly what they need to be focusing on in order to bring a blog to life. Also, when you take a course with Women Writers School, you’re taking part in a feminist project. Every time you share a post by a fellow woman writer, you’re helping to raise awareness about all the amazing writing by women we can find in the online world.’

Start Making Progress Now

Imagine how much progress you could make if you completely eliminated the time spent trying to make decisions about how to get started, what software to use, what topics your blog should focus on and how to write a good post. All that time spent guessing could be devoted to writing instead.

It’s possible to spend thousands of pounds on marketing courses, but these courses won’t be tailored to the needs of writers. In fact, they will likely be filled with information you don’t need and may well leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

Alternatively, you could try out this course, get just the information you need when you need it, meet lots of other women writers and make progress on that blog idea you’ve been daydreaming about for such a long time.

How to Sign Up

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By signing up here, you agree to join the Women Writers School email list, but you can unsubscribe at any time. We’ll also send you a copy of Laurie’s article ’10 Things Every Woman Writers Needs to Know’.


What happens in the workshops?

The workshops are live, virtual sessions where Laurie introduces a topic and shows you some digital marketers’ tricks. We carry out the work you need to do right then and there. All you have to do is show up and you’ll make progress on your blog.

Workshops also include Q & A sessions where you can not only ask about the day’s lesson, but also anything else relevant to the course and your blogging.

When are the workshops? What if I can’t make it to one or more of the workshops?

Workshops are at 6pm on Wednesdays: 10 May, 24 May and 7 June 2017.

All workshops and Q & A sessions will be recorded so you won’t miss anything if you have a busy schedule. And each workshop is backed up by a written version of the lesson. You get lifetime access to the course material so you can catch up with lessons and workshops whenever it suits you.

What if I have questions between the workshops?

Bring them to the Facebook community and there will be lots of women writers ready to answer them as well as a chance for comments from Laurie.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Of course! We’ll provide a refund for any reason if you request one within 14 days of purchase.