Blogging, Crowdfunding and a New Novel about the Presence of History: Interview with Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor is one of the star students of the Women Writers School marketing course. She went from having no online platform to successfully crowdfunding a novel.

Have a browse through the clips below: they are divided up to help you find the discussion most relevant to you.

In this first clip Helen tells us about how she found Women Writers School and started getting involved in the events before she signed up for the marketing course.

In this second clip, Helen tells us what it was like to crowdfund her novel. So many aspiring writers consider crowdfunding: have a listen to find out what it’s really like from an insider’s perspective.

In this clip, Helen talks specifically about blogging: how it helps you maintain a writing practice and how it expands your network.

Have a listen here for Helen’s advice to aspiring author-bloggers. Above all, be clear about your goals (or at least spend some time figuring out what they are).

Finally, Helen tells us about her upcoming novel, a story of how we judge success and failure in life as well as the presence of history in our everyday lives.