Inescapable Interiors: Human Acts by Han Kang

Han Kang’s writing is haunting and subtle, but also bold enough to confront the most disturbing aspects of of our humanity. She is just the sort of writer who is able to do justice to all the emotions involved in writing about a national tragedy like the Gwangju Uprising of 1980.

The Days of Abandonment: A Visceral Reading Experience

Elena Ferrante takes us to some dark places in The Days of Abandonment. The experience of reading this novel, my first ever Ferrante, was so unnerving that I wasn’t actually sure if her work was for me or not – until we make it to the feminist ending where the main character regains her composure and a newfound independence.

Reclaiming ‘Hysteria’: Interview with Alex Reece Abbott on the Hysteria Writing Competition

In this interview, Alex Reece Abbott tells us about the Hysteria International Writing Competition, an initiative intended to raise awareness of women’s health issues. She tells us about all the support the competition offers for prospective entrants and makes some suggestions about how we can all get involved in promoting this interesting project.