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Blogging is a fantastic genre for women writers, but many of us just aren’t getting our blogs started. 

For centuries a woman’s act of claiming her voice and putting her ideas into print has been controversial. Thanks to plenty of social change that has broadened women’s opportunities, writing is now a field that is wide open for us to claim. And, today, we have the ability to start sharing our writing with the world in minutes thanks to online technologies.

What’s even more exciting about blogging is that it’s an innovative way of writing. It circumvents all the hoops we have to jump through in order to publish. Blogging fits around what we do in our work and family lives. It’s also a very social way of writing. The stereotype of the lone writer typing away for years before a single book is ready to publish just doesn’t apply here.

However, we are still held back by social pressures and genuinely packed schedules full of work, childcare and other family responsibilities. Whilst blogging platforms allow us to get started in minutes, how do we discover what we should blog about, where our audience is and how we should connect with them? How can we come up with the time to learn how to blog, let alone get our writing down on paper too?

At Women Writers School, we’ve got lots of tools to help you get started.

Blog Like a Feminist provides you with guidance and a community.

Blog Like a Feminist will help get you over the hurdle of figuring out what to write, how to write it and how to best interact with your audience. We provide you with specialist information, namely exactly what a creative writer needs to know in order to get started writing a successful blog. This saves you all the trouble of researching what you need to do on your own.

Also, you get to feel good about being part of a feminist project: at Women Writers School we’re dedicated to getting more attention and accolades for writing by women. The more we blog as women writers or about women’s writing, the more attention we draw to all the talent there is out there amongst women writers. But we’re not just interested in blogs about feminism; we also want to see women writers blogging about all their other interests too.

Whether you’re committed to blogging your way through all the best science fiction by women or you have a quirky idea for a food-travel blog, we’d love to help you get started.

Why You Should Blog and How We Can Help

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Your Instructor: Laurie Garrison, PhD

Laurie has more than a decade of university teaching experience. In her academic career, her book Science, Sexuality and Sensation Novels was shortlisted for an international award and her collection The Panorama was reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement. More recently, she has acquired digital marketing experience with national brands in the US and UK. Since starting Women Writers School in 2016, her Women Writers Twitter chat was described as ‘hearteningly radical’ by the Guardian Books Blog and she has seen lots of clients through her courses to successfully managing their own online author marketing.

Bonus: 6 Months of Free Membership in the Women Writers Network

The Women Writers Network is a friendly, supportive group of women writers who write fiction, nonfiction, poetry, flash fiction and life writing. The Founder Members include as-yet unpublished writers as well as traditionally published, self-published and crowd-funded authors. They have been hand-picked by Laurie due to their commitment to supporting other women writers. There is a vast range of experience of both marketing and creative writing throughout the community, so you can be sure there will be an answer to whatever question you might have as well as a list of other members wondering the same thing.

Here’s how the Women Writers Network works: Each week Laurie posts a new marketing action to be completed over the course of the week. Everyone shares their results and tips with the group. You can also post questions or relevant articles you find or blog posts you’re working on.

Examples of Our Marketing Actions

Are You Ready to Blog Like a Feminist Right Now?

What the Students Say

‘Before joining the course, I considered setting up a blog but I had many questions about where I should host it, what I should write about and who would read it. There seemed to be so much to learn I didn’t know where to start. Laurie’s course showed me what really goes into creating and maintaining a successful blog—it’s really not that complicated or time consuming. I also met other writers and now I’m part of a community where we talk about writing and share each others’ work. I’m so glad that Laurie took the guesswork away.’

Rita Gould, US-based Freelance Editor and Creative Writer


How long does it take to complete the course?

We recommend spending about 5 hours per week working on each of the 6 modules. There’s no time limit so you can fit your hours in around your schedule.

When do the Q & A sessions happen and what is the format?

You’ll receive an email about once a month inviting you to attend a Q & A session with Laurie. The full schedule is in the course info. You can ask anything you like about blogging, promoting your blog, course materials, our events, other courses. We hold these in the virtual meeting room. 4 sessions are included in the price of $249.

Does it matter if I haven’t published yet?

No. In fact, blogging is a fantastic way to get your writing flowing so you can get closer to your publishing goals. Publishers also like to see that a potential author has an active online presence.

What if I have a question about blogging/marketing/something else to do with writing?

Bring your question to the Facebook group or come along to a Q & A. Please note that this course does not come with email support, but you can attend a Q & A session to get some more guidance.

What if I’m not very active on social media/never blogged before/not a big fan of technology?

No problem! This is your chance to learn in a supportive environment. Lots of our clients are new to blogging as well as social media. We’ve taken loads of people into a virtual meeting room for the first time as well. If you can use typical office software like Word, you’ll be fine. These tools are meant to be easy to use.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Of course! We’ll provide a refund for any reason if you request one within 14 days of purchase.

Do I have to be a woman to study Blog Like a Feminist/join the Women Writers Network?

No, all genders are welcome. We are a feminist writing school, not a women-only writing school.