Webinar: Online Marketing as Feminist Activism

Can we make #women_writers trend on Twitter?

***This webinar has now taken place.***

Online marketing is not a phrase that is usually associated with feminist activism. But, especially in recent years, online marketing and publishing have paved the way for so many new ideas, projects and pieces of writing to find their way to people who are interested in them. Whether we consider these projects to be indie, underground or activist, they are offering an alternative to the mainstream and they are getting to their audience without the help of mainstream press and marketing.

This webinar suggests that women writers start taking more advantage of the online world. We can use the online world to get our work in front of readers who will appreciate it and we can work together to raise the profile of the under appreciated work of women writers more generally. If we’re organized enough in large enough numbers, we could start to change and improve the perception of writing by women.

This webinar will be led by Dr Laurie Garrison, a first-career university lecturer in Victorian literature and second-career digital marketing specialist.

In summary, here’s what the webinar will cover:

  • Some of the best online projects that support women writers.
  • How classic feminist theory applies to the current situation for women writers.
  • Some ideas about how we can turn this around through social media and the online world.
  • Practical tips and suggestions you can take right now to promote your own work online.

At the end of this session, Laurie will tell you about her new Women Writers Network, which is designed to help make all of the above happen.

All women writers and anyone interested in supporting or promoting women writers are very welcome to attend.

***This webinar has now taken place.***

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