Women Writers School offers courses and networking events for women who write. All genders and backgrounds are welcome at Women Writers School but we teach in ways that we think suit women best. This includes maintaining a friendly, noncompetitive atmosphere at our events and teaching sessions. We do small group teaching so students can get to know each other. We also focus on giving students time and space to master techniques so they will gain confidence. Finally, we seek to help our students learn the resilience needed to take a professional writing career forward.

As an organization, we are committed to seeing more women read and more women published. We believe that one of the best ways to achieve this is to use the online world to publish and promote work by women. Our leadership in this area includes training women writers to promote themselves online and by organizing events such as #women_writers chat on Twitter. We are also currently looking for founder members of the soon-to-be-launched Women Writers Network. We believe that the gender imbalance of the publishing industry can be changed and that this will come about through the efforts of women who support each other.

Women Writers School is also an alternative to the study of creative writing at university. As an online learning provider, we can provide flexibility and much lower costs of study. Our students only need to have a good internet connection to attend our courses and events.