Highlights from the First Ever #women_writers Chat

Jane Bradley of For Books’ Sake and I held the first ever #women_writers Twitter chat last Wednesday, 29th June. I think we had around 30 people tweeting with us during the hour and I suspect about another 15 to 20 liking and retweeting. We definitely had enough people involved that it became the exciting, dizzing, impossible to follow mass of tweets that a good Twitter chat should be. So I’ve gone through the whole lot using the hashtag in Storify, being as inclusive as possible, and created the collection embedded below. Everyone should be able to glean a nice long reading list from it!

If you were tweeting us and don’t see your tweets below it might be because you weren’t using the hashtag #women_writers. For more on how to get the most out of a Twitter chat, see my blog post on the same.