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Why We Need a List of Feminist Books

The world is full of too many books. It has been since the printing and publishing innovations since the mid-nineteenth century, when reviewers started complaining about the masses of new books and periodicals flooding the market at the time.  Now the world is absolutely bursting with even more books, far more than we can ever expect to read across an entire lifetime. It’s not an ideal situation to be in as those of us who feel strongly about our reading choices don’t want to waste hours or days on books that aren’t really our thing.

So, in this series of blog posts, I’ll be writing about the books I consider the best or most interesting or most famous feminist texts. There are quite a few lists of feminist books out there already, but what I’ll be doing differently from my predecessors is to include historical texts in my list. That’s to say I’ll be going right back to the Medieval period (or further, if I can) to find the most distant predecessors of the feminist movement. And I’ll be writing about books published right up to the present year. I’ll be looking at fiction, nonfiction, poetry, life writing, travel narrative and books by both men and women.

In each case, I’ll give some introduction to the historical context, explain why the book was influential as a feminist text and I’ll show why the book is still relevant and still worth reading today. Please note that this collection of books and reviews is an ongoing project. If I haven’t reviewed a book yet, I’m including a link to buy it on Amazon. I’ll be adding more and more books and more and more reviews over the coming months. So have a look through. At the very least, I’ll narrow down some choices for you!

Eighteenth Century

Twenty-First Century